Foot-Spa BR-2307 (Beige)

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This elegant and very modern armchair for pedicure treatments made of high-quality ecological leather impresses with its appearance. The phenomenal design makes the chair surely one of the most beautiful devices in your living room. The Pedicure SPA BR-2307 seat guarantees the highest level of pedicure treatment. Customers will be delighted with the effects of the service and at the same time will wonderfully relax because the proposed model performs roller and compression massage!

Check the details!

The position of the seat is electrically adjusted by means of the remote control (front / back and backrest).
The chair is equipped with a roller and compression massage system.
Pillows made of high quality flexible foam.
The upholstery is made of high-quality ecological leather, easy to clean.
Vertically adjustable foot support.
Bath made of high-quality acrylic.
The ability to connect running water and sewerage.
The bathtub has a hydromassage function.
The bathtub is equipped with a battery for adjusting the water temperature and a shower head.
Touch control panel.

The inlets and outlets of water are located at the back of the bathtub. They can also be installed under the bathtub.
Outflow with a diameter of 6cm, at a height of 3cm from the ground, inflow of hot and cold water - diameters 2cm, at a height of 15 and 20cm respectively from the ground.

Technical data:

Dimensions of the seat:
-width: 55cm
-width with armrests: 73cm
-seat depth: 48cm,
Dimensions of the backrest:
-height: 81cm
-width: 60cm
Dimensions of the bathtub:
-length: 135cm
-width: 56cm
- seat height: 34cm
- height at the footrest: 25 cm

Weight: 100kg,