Podomonium-Economium Plus

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The Podomonium-Ecomonium foot care device is a podiatric device with wet technology. Very light only 3.5 KG

The motor rotates in both directions from 2,000 to 40,000 revolutions per minute. The control of the individual functions as well as the setting of the direction of rotation and speed are carried out on the front of the unit. When activated, the pleasant, blue LED light is lit. The holder for the handpiece on the right side of the device.



- Foot care device

- the handpiece

- Illuminated tank

- illuminated rocker switches

- Clockwise / counter-clockwise

- up to 40,000 rpm

- Removable tank

- Warranty: 2 years



- Width: approx. 26cm

- Height: approx. 19 cm

- Depth: about 20 cm

- Weight: 3.5 KG

Handpiece spray do not forget !!!